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Start: 5:30 pm
        Diesel, A Bookstore in Malibu welcomes local author Paul Almond to the store to celebrate the publication of his new book The Pilgrim: Book Four of the Alford Saga, on Tuesday, November 20th at 5:30 pm.Paul Almond’s new novel, The Pilgrim, is the fourth in his multivolume series, The Alford Saga, which chronicles two hundred years of Canadian history through the eyes of a settler’s family. In 1896, Jack Alford is sent to the granite shores on the St. Lawrence River. Hazards imperil his life as he travels the coastline by boat and dogsled. His zeal for the welfare of his parishioners diverts Jack from his romance. Through summer storms and fierce blizzards, Jack brings care and leadership to villages perched on the windy granite shores of northern Labrador and offering inspired teachings in hill-top churches that stand as beacons for the seal fishers.Paul Almond is one of Canada s preeminent film and television directors, and he has directed and produced over 130 television dramas for the CBC, BBC, ABC and Granada Television. He has now turned his talents to writing a series of novels based on his family's own pioneering adventures in Canada. The Deserter, The Survivor, and The Pioneer, are his first three novels of The Alford Saga.  He lives on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec and Malibu, California. 
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